100% NREMT First Time Pass Guarantee

After years of improved student results we are confident offering this guarantee on passing the NREMT written portion on the first attempt.

In order to qualify for the guarantee, the student and school must have satisfied all of the following. The student must have:

  • Participated in all of the admission assessment evaluations to include:
    • Reading assessment (and must demonstrate a reading level at or above the following):
      • EMR-6th Grade
      • EMT-8th Grade
      • AEMT and Paramedic-10th Grade
    • Learning Preference with the school assigning seating based on learning preferences.
  • Viewed the help videos of: How To Read a Text, How To Take a Test, and How To Study.
  • Evidence of taking at least one online Quiz or Test per Module administered within EMSTesting and with additional evidence of progressive testing.
  • Attained a passing score on one of the Platinum Final Exams at the level the student is working toward.
  • Achieved a score of at least two Exceptional and the remaining scores at least a Good on a timed, comprehensive Computer Adaptive Test involving all of the categories offered by Platinum Educational Group’s Adaptive Testing portion.
  • Taken the Registry within at least 3 months of the last class session.
  • Submitted the request so that Platinum Educational Group receives the request within 30 days of receiving the Registry Test results.

If all of the above are met, and there is no obvious evidence of cheating or fraud, and the student fails on the first time taking the Written National Registry Examination, all the student has to do is submit proof of their failing results along with their request for money back using the form provided.

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