What is Assessment/Admissions Testing in EMSTesting?

Assessment/Admissions Testing in EMSTesting is a series of assessments students take to measure their knowledge in certain areas. The Instructor can look at the results of the assessment test to determine their students’ knowledge while in an EMS certification program.


EMSTesting offers an EMT-P Math Assessment, a Learning Style Assessment, a Paramedic Entry Assessment, a Reading Level Assessment and a Student Motivation Assessment test. These assessments have always been available to students subscribing in a class as part of a School.

Due to our customer’s requests to have the assessments available outside of their classes, we now offer the ability for students that are part of a school to take only the assessment tests in EMSTesting. This offers students and instructors the ability to access knowledge in certain areas before committing to our full program.


During the student enrollment process schools can now choose if they want to enroll a student into admissions testing only or the full class. Admissions testing costs $5, and is not applied to the full enrollment cost.

If you have any questions, please contact our Customer Support Team at 616-818-7877, or at Customer Support.