Appendix G Update from Platinum Educational Group

Platinum Planner revamps are well underway to accommodate the Student Minimum Competency Matrix and CoAEMSP recommended competency minimums!

On July 1, 2018 our development team will be implementing the first phase of skills tracking and scheduling improvements that will enable reporting under the new G format required by CAAHEP for accredited EMS, Paramedic programs. As discussed in previous messages and workshops, the software enhancements are expected to deliver new features necessary for measuring minimum graduation requirements under the new guidelines.

The primary goal is to allow our EMS education programs the option to start executing their plan of attack within their upcoming cohorts newly created after July 1, 2018. Whether you are intending to integrate the new G reporting this Fall or after July 1, 2019, our team will be working alongside our clients to make necessary modification to comply with CAAHEP Standard III.A.2, III.C.1 and III.C.2.

In the coming weeks Platinum recognizes there will be some adjustments to the new way of doing things. During this evolution, we are dedicated to keeping an open mind to feedback from folks like you and politely ask for your patience as we work to hit our mutual target of being compliant.

Why are the changes to Platinum Planner happening now?
There are reasons why these modifications to Platinum Planner are necessary and why we are implementing them much earlier than the 2019 deadline. Several years ago, Platinum’s ownership was asked to contribute raw numbers on student encounters from our users to a joint research project designed to identify what information students were learning during initial training. In July 2017, based on that information gathered, we began reviewing CoAEMSP’s first drafts of a different G self-study report that summarizes hands on practice more dynamically. During the assessment, our educators determined that the proposed tracking report would require the platform shifting to a new manner of documenting proficiencies.

Also, our team learned from the recent National Registry Portfolio rollout that paramedic schools preferred to be adapted to the new process as soon as possible. So, given that a significant portion of our customers would not want to delay “figuring the App G thing out” before the posted deadline, we decided it would be critical that Platinum Planner be capable of recording skills in the same manner CoAEMSP’s recommends by Summer 2018. This proactiveness is vocally supported by representatives at CoAEMSP and our own advisory board.

To sum it up, we want your program well equipped before the 2019 deadline!
With that said, we recognize that there will be continual tweaks to the operating system to match the latest guidelines, user recommendations, and requirements not yet identified. Below is a video previewing how our solutions will work with the Student Minimum Competency Matrix and CoAEMSP recommended competency minimums.

An advisory notice for all: During the data migration period, there is an slight risk of unintended service interruption. Should this happen, we promise to resolve it as fast as we can and commit to taking extra steps to minimize the impact of the downtime.