Q: Can I export EMSTesting.com questions into another learning management system?

This article was published in our December 2014 Newsletter, by David Smith, Customer Advocate

A: Not easily. There are actually 2 reasons for this. One reason is test bank security. Once a question has been removed from our program, it is much harder to keep track of that question and ensure that the question does not get invalidated by being posted online by a student.

The primary reason though, is that once a question gets exported to another learning management system, it can become out of date rather quickly. Whenever a protocol change goes into effect that might cause some of our questions to no longer reflect current protocols, we go in to modify the questions to make sure they’re as up to date as possible.

However, once a question leaves our system, we no longer have the ability to update that question. This opens up the potential for students to be asked outdated questions, which could lead to some confusion when they go to take their National Registry test and are being tested on the most current and up to date protocols.