Q: Can I modify a test after students have taken it? (EMSTesting.com)

This article was published in our December 2014 Newsletter, by David Smith, Customer Advocate

A: No. Once a student has answered a question on a test online, the test cannot be modified again. This is because student results on a test are directly tied to the questions that they answered, and so modifying a test after students have taken it would change the results for all students who have ever taken that test.

However, you can create a copy of the original test and modify that one. To do this, you’ll go to “Edit My Tests” from the instructor home page, and select “[+] New Test”. Now begin creating the test as you did with the original test(most likely changing the original Test Name and Test Title to something like “Airway Quiz Version 2” or “Pharmacology v.2”), but once you click “Save & Next”, rather than select “+Add From Questions” you’ll instead select “+Add From Tests”.

You’ll select the number of questions from the original test, and then click the “EMS” button. This will give you a list of all of your previously created tests of this type and provider level. You can then select the box next to the original test you want to pull the questions from and select “apply”.

Once you select “save filter” over on the right, you can proceed to the “Test Questions” tab. You should now see all of the questions from your original test displayed in a random order. From here, you can select the red “X” next to any questions you want to remove from the test, and then go back to the “Question Criteria” tab to add additional questions onto the test.

Once you’re satisfied with your new test, select “finalize test” above and to the right of the first question, and you now have a new version of your test that you can implement for subsequent classes.