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Questions regarding CoAEMSP Appendix G updates for 2019?

Platinum’s customer support has had many inquiries regarding CoAEMSP changes that will be effective July 2019. We wanted to write this article to address any questions our customers may have and let them know that we are working directly with CoAEMSP to provide the latest information.

As far as Platinum Educational Group’s role in implementing these changes, we are currently in the planning process and will be fully supporting the new requirements before they go live. We will be releasing our new course template feature which will help schools to setup new courses to meet these requirements.

Please see the Coming Soon: Unified Courses/Class Creation between all Platinum Educational Group Products article for more information on this new feature.

On Wednesday, July 19, 2017, CoAEMSP hosted a webinar that we participated in. The webinar covered the history of minimum competencies in EMS, definitions of recommendation versus requirement, and the method used to devise these new standards. They also explained how these standards were identified and help they received from supporters of their research, which includes Platinum Educational Group.

Also, during the hour-long presentation, they gave us a preview of the excel documents schools will fill out as part of their CoA accreditation renewal. The biggest update will be for the “Appendix G – Student Minimum Competency Matrix”.

CoAEMSP has provided links to their webinar and slides which we have included below as well as the excel document schools will be filling out as part of their CoA accreditation renewal.

Accreditation renewal spreadsheet:

If you have any questions or concerns regarding these updates, please contact us by calling 616.818.7877 or emailing us at!