Computer Adaptive Testing: A Nursing Perspective

This article was originally posted in our February 2017 Newsletter, by Tom Gottschalk, COO, Medical Educator

In January, Platinum Educational Group transitioned from a pilot project to a real program ready for service. After a year and half of content creation, website development and validation we are now sharing a real computer adaptive testing (CAT) experience for those preparing for the NCLEX-RN® exam.

With over 3,400 questions and hundreds of responses, our system is able to mimic a high-stakes credentialing exam, like a school’s final exam or credentialing test. Below are three examples of what information students will be able to gather from


  • An overall outcome or Summative Results.
  • A percentile that reflects how the student did when compared nationally to other students who answered similar content.
  • Questions asked, correct answers, and percentage correct.


The next portion of the results explain to the student how Platinum Tests determined the performance of the student based on our three key indicators. They are percentile ranking, percentage of items correct and the hardest question based on difficulty they were able to see.


Finally, we break down strengths and weaknesses and other valuable data to help the student map out future reviewing of a large content area, subjects and learning objectives.


Want to know more? Contact our sales team anytime. We would be glad to show you what this new product can do for those looking to boost their odds of passing the NCLEX-RN® exam the first time. It is available for individual students and for schools to share the experience with their students.