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We are a Practical Nursing program just finishing up our first year using Platinum Planner for our clinical scheduling and documentation. As the program coordinator responsible for all clinical scheduling, this platform has made my job so much easier! The scheduled emails to let each site know which student is attending that week is fantastic. The student notification of their assignments is also great! My students always know exactly where they are to be each week, what time to report, and can even see the map showing the location. I have been very happy with the support from Platinum Planner and appreciate how responsive they are to any questions or needs I have. They have outstanding training to help set everything up. Very pleased!

Pam Thurman, Franklin Tech Center LPN Program

“We look forward to using Platinum Planner again in the Spring 2019 semester for our Surgical Technology program. The students enjoyed using it and it was easy for me to track their case numbers.”

Katherine Matteson, Surgical Technology Program Director, Delaware Technical Community College

“This has been a wonderful product and a valuable asset in preparing our EMT students for National Registry testing and for optimal competency in performing patient care activities. Please know how much I’ve appreciated the fabulous customer support from your entire team these last 7 years”

Linda Armacost, EMT Program Manager (Retired), SCL Health/Lutheran Medical Center

Once again your prompt attention to my requests is excellent customer service!

Greg P. Carlson, EMS Educator

City College has used Platinum Planner for a few years in the EMS program. Our experience has been a good one so when it came time to consider tracking skills in an online format in our Allied Health, Veterinary Technology and Anesthesia Technology programs we turned to Platinum Educational Group. Allied Health was simple as the system was already setup aligned with MAERB competencies. Our Anesthesia Technology and Veterinary Technology programs had to be built in the system. We provided the necessary paper documentation and as questions came up we answered them. The whole process was painless. Training also proved to be a pleasant experience. We have five campuses that are rolling out Platinum Planner. Platinum Educational Group has consistently been easy to work with and supports their products. We have five campuses and numerous individuals who contact them and the service we receive is consistently excellent.

Heather Payne, Director of Institutional Effectiveness

Our paramedic program hit 100% first time NREMT pass rates last year (21 students) thanks in part to the utilization of EMSTesting. We require our students to take 120 questions in each adaptive category prior to leaving feedback, and after that they are required to try to select the best answer and defend it, or at least intelligently discuss why the right answer is the right answer. I can’t wait to share with the students that their feedback is actually making the process better!

Justin Yurong, EMS Educator

Being the EMS program chair for the Herzing University EMS Program, we have been using the product from Platinum Educational Group for four years. Since we began using the product, our National Registry of Emergency Medical Technician pass rates have increased to a 5% above the national rates for our advanced EMT cohorts and paramedic cohorts. I have been offered utilization of other products on the market, but have no intention of changing from what I know is contributing to the success of our students in achieving their professional goals.

Leo J. Deason, EMS Program Chair

I use both Platinum Planner and EMSTesting. I really enjoy both programs. I (we) have used EMSTesting for a few years now, and we love it. You guys are great about keeping content updated and regular and answer any questions immediately. We have just begun using Planner, and have had somewhat of a learning curve with it in the beginning, but now we are rolling with it and so far it has been an excellent program as well. The students enjoy it and I really enjoy the aspect of being able to see in real time where the students are at with documentation; and as with Planner, the customer support is fantastic! I have been a regular on the phone and chat with Ben Hurst, and he has been excellent every time. He is patient with me and gets me back on track in no time. Thank you very much for the support and for the products you guys have, it has been excellent for our program.

Dylan Angus, EMS Educator

Our EMS Program has now been ranked third in the entire Country! Your outstanding one of a kind customer service are paramount to our success! So from our program to you and yours thank you very much! We greatly value our business partnership! The first class that started and ended under full CAAHEP just graduated this weekend. They were 100% with everything. Platinum Planner was awesome with reporting and EMS Testing made all of the difference in the world. I cannot tell you how excited we are!

Stephen Blackburn BS, EMTP

I have used Platinum Planner for a couple of years now and what stands out the most (aside from the program) is the very reliable customer service. Consistently I have received help when needed and my changes have been applied to the program where/when requested. As for EMSTesting, I have used that extensively for the EMT side, but I am new to the Medic side and look forward to using the program.

Sue Darroch-Wienberg, DMS, NREMT, Paramedic Program Instructor

We use the EMSTesting Program for our module and final exams in EMT class. I also create quizzes on there. It is very easy to use. A few years ago when we first started using this, we had a couple students that couldn’t get signed on. They called customer support and were up and running quickly. Customer support is top notch and the program is great. It would take me so long to validate questions with the small number of students we have that by the time I did the standards would have changed. It’s great having a quality database from someone other than the publisher so the students are exposed to different terminology. I love the adaptive testing as well to help prepare students for the NR.

Sarah Tusing, EMS Educator

EMS Testing has helped improve my student’s first time NREMT pass rate tremendously. I absolutely recommend the Adaptive Testing feature. I have only had two students so far since using this product not succeed of first NREMT sitting since I began using the Adaptive Testing.

Steven Murphy, EMS Educator

2 years + with Platinum. We use it for both the EMT and Advanced EMT programs. Data Mining: This is THE testing solution for those who need to justify test items through data. Difficulty: The challenge of these questions are appropriate and similar to National Registry testing. Customer Support: Any issue I’ve ever had has been easily and QUICKLY resolved. VERY much appreciated from a poor EMT/ AEMT Coordinator with little time to devote to fixing things. THANK YOU!

Eric McCullough, EMT & AEMT Coordinator, Asst Professor

We have fallen in love with Platinum Planner. It is an excellent product, that we will hopefully use for many years to come. It has met our needs in every way thus far, and the support teams have been great in making small changes as requested already.

Troy Vernon, Clinical Coordinator/Paramedic Educator, Denver Health, Department of EMS Education

This is the greatest resource overall. Ease, accessibility & simplicity make this the most user friendly resource I’ve ever used in over 5+ years of teaching/instructing. A++

Allen Levesque, EMS Educator

I have been using EMS Testing and Platinum Planner for 9 months now and it has been great. Whenever there is a problem or I have a questions someone is always there to help. Thank you for all that you do and for your excellent customer service.

Kimberly Jeffries, EMS Program Director

I really could not ask for more… Okay, yes I could ask for more, and do so a lot. The great thing about Platinum Educational Group is when you ask for more, they deliver. I can honestly say anytime we had an idea or need a certain functionality added or improved, PEG has provided it, and usually in short order. The support is amazing. We have been using them for about 2 1/2 years, they kinda feel like family now!

Brett Peine, EMS Program Director

When the gold standard isn’t enough. Great all-purpose site for EMS.

Steve Rhea, Firefighter/Paramedic

For nearly a decade, Platinum Education Group has enabled our program at Lurleen B. Wallace Community College the flexibility to challenge our students, provide instantaneous feedback, and track current classroom trends. These invaluable resources have afforded our program the opportunity to secure accreditation and benchmark national certification success rates within our areas.

Angie Finkel, EMS Educator

Programs are always based on evidence based practice of learning. Platinum staff are always reaching out to update educators and programs. They always go above and beyond, video blogs on updates and one on one help anytime

Christina Blancas, Paramedic Instructor

Thank you for such a great product at such a reasonable cost. We have seen remarkable success with our students’ ability to pass the cognitive licensing exam at the end of their coursework. Having access to an adaptive testing product such as the Platinum Education Group provides, allows us to steer our students in the right direction for ensuring they are fully prepared to successfully tackle their licensing exam and pass it. Life has no guarantees but this is as close as one can get to that for their students’ success in achieving the opportunity to apply for and become licensed to do the work that we’ve taught them to do!”

Steve Mackiewicz, EMS Director, Paramedic

These folks are great. We have seen substantial improvements in test scores, but more importantly, in critical thinking ability. This is not just a testing and skills tracking system. They function as educational partners. Unlike many companies, Platinum Educational Group is a system of educational support, helping to transform the way you teach. I never cease to be impressed with their customer service. The first time I entered a request for support on the testing page, I receive a call within 5 minutes at nearly midnight. Often, the CEO, Doug Smith, will call on a Sunday afternoon to discuss questions, sources, and rational. They always love to hear feedback, and work with you to either understand the system…or even change it. They have been very responsive to customer needs, and have even changed the programs on multiple occasions, because we asked. And that was before we even started using the product!

Daniel Linkins, Program Director and Dept. Chair of EMS Education

Our company runs several EMS training programs. Platinum Planner has been the key to managing multiple programs in an organized and concise manner. We LOVE Platinum!! We received fantastic support and tutoring from day one of onboarding, all the way to the present. Our main contact is John Zimmer and he is always patient and easy to reach out to whenever we need a quick pointer or a tutoring session with our ever-optimizing system. We cannot imagine running multiple simultaneous EMT Training programs without the streamlined precision and organizational CRM of the Platinum Planner system. Bravo!

Aki Williams, COO, Defib This– Emergency Rescue Training

Our paramedic program just started using the products and services of Platinum! We are beyond thrilled!

Dana Pesavento, Program Director

No matter how small the problem is, the owners and staff are always willing and available to help. Awesome bunch of folks!

Gina Pearson, EMS Instructor

Best software out there. Customer service and Technical support like none other. Easy to work with and staff is eager to listen to the needs of your dept. and find solutions

Pat Bradley, Clinical Coordinator & Instructor, Paramedic

I have been using EMS Testing for the last 3 years for our EMT and Paramedic programs and since utilizing the module exams and adaptive testing from Platinum Educational Group our success rate for first time paramedic testing has gone up by 15-20%. The tests that we make are very challenging making the students think. It is a great program and I would recommend this to everyone.

Earl Neal, EMS Program Director

Great programs! Amazing idea to offer scholarships to the students !!

Tim Schwartzer, EMT

Passed!! Thank you Tom! With his help he was able to teach me my weaknesses and to think differently to pass.

Peter Ellison, EMT

Great testing prep! I used this to help study for my NREMT and I was very frustrated at first but once I got use to the format and learning all my material it was wonderful! I passed my NREMT test first try and I know it was because of the practice testing!

Lacey Amanda Shafer, EMT

EMS testing has made my job so much easier over the last 5 years. The customer service is always helpful even as I blundered through the early years as a program director. They keep changing as Education does, so it keeps me moving forward too. Thank you!

Cindy Gilbert Hewitt, EMS Program Director

Great way for students to prepare for the rigors of computer adaptive testing! It truly promotes higher level thinking!

Kim Yonker Schrader, EMS Instructor

I always receive excellent support from the company support staff. This is why we use them, no matter the time or day the support staff are awesome and always there to answer questions.

Joey P. Thompson M.Ed, Paramedic