Does your program need access cards?

It’s that busy time of year again! Many programs still need to get or Platinum Planner access. There are three ways students can gain access into our programs:

  1. 1. EMS programs can purchase student access credit or cards directly through Platinum Educational Group; then the students reimburse through tuition or lab costs.
  2. 2. Students can purchase access cards through their institutions’ bookstores.
  3. 3. Students can purchase access from our websites directly (, using their own credit/debit cards.

If you need to order student access, please contact us with the start dates of your classes, which provider levels are needed, the number of students in each class, and if you want student access credit or the student access cards for your bookstore. Once we have this information, we will arrange to have the credit/cards sent to you and we will invoice you for the total amount.

If you have any questions on purchasing access cards contact our sales department at or call us directly at 616-818-7877. We are happy to help!