2017 Platinum Educational Group Workshop Series

June 1st, 20178:00 am - 5:00 pm

University Hospital – Embassy Suites Beachwood in Beachwood, Ohio

Workshop Benefits

  • Master Testing Techniques, Measurement, & Evaluation!
  • Acquire New Tips on How to Raise Your Pass Rates!
  • Get Caught Up on Portfolio Requirements!
  • CE Credits!
  • Fun and Educational!
  • Networking!
  • Lunch and snacks included!
  • All FREE!

John Spencer is the Lead Medical Educator at Platinum Educational Group. He is a licensed Paramedic as well as an Instructor Coordinator in the state of Michigan and has been involved in EMS for 20+ years. He has instructed numerous EMR, EMT, and Paramedic provider courses as well as many EMS Instructor Courses.
Doug Smith is a co-founder of Platinum Educational Group. He is a licensed Paramedic and Instructor Coordinator in the state of Michigan and has been involved in EMS for over 20 years. Doug has a Master’s Degree in Education and has taught numerous instructor classes.

June 1, 2017 Morning Agenda

Recipe for Success: Instructional Techniques, Measurement, and Evaluation (4 CE credits) 8 a.m. to 12 p.m.

This four-hour workshop focuses on the methods and implementation of techniques to create an educational environment where a student’s success is nearly guaranteed.

Credits: 1 Credit in Instructional Techniques and 3 Credits in Measurement and Evaluation

7:50am Registration
I. Introduction
II. Admission Evaluation: Learning Preference, Reading Assessment, Math Assessment, Test Anxiety and Motivation.
III. Preparing for Class
IV. Progressive Testing
V. Flipping the Class
VI. Formative Vs. Summative Testing: What’s the difference?, Policy, Cheating and Against Educational Advice.
VII. Affective Evaluation
VIII. Adaptive Testing
IX. Validity and Reliability
Summary/Questions and Answers

June 1, 2017 Afternoon Session

Portfolio Update and Implementation (4 CE credits) 1 p.m. to 5 p.m.

This four-hour workshop has been developed to aid the program director and faculty of a paramedic program in understanding the Portfolio requirement developed by the National Registry and aid with implementing this portion of their program.

Credits: 2 Credits in Instructional Techniques, 1 Measurement and Evaluation and 1 Educational Administration

1pm Start Time
I. Introduction: Instructors, Participants and Objectives
II. Portfolio: What and Why it is, The Four Parts, How the Parts Relate to Each Other
III. Portfolio Program Implementation: Didatic/Labs, Scenarios, Clinical, Field Experiences, Pinch Points
IV. Scenarios: Proctoring, Grading, Modifying
V. Keeping Track of it All
Summary/Questions and Answers