Hello EMS Instructors and Program Directors!

by John Zimmer, Client Relations Manager

One of my functions here at Platinum Educational Group, is to conduct “audits” of how our clients use our two programs – EMSTesting and Platinum Planner. We have started these audits so ensure our clients are using our programs to their fullest while increasing our clients’ overall satisfaction in our programs.

As I conduct these audits, I have noticed common trends of where the client could improve their use of our programs:

  • Using EMSTesting only for generating paper tests, thus not using any of the online features. Our program has a strong online function to it, which would be a great benefit to an EMS Instructor including: saving time in the classroom as tests are deployed after class hours, no longer spending your own free-time grading tests as the program does that for you, test feedback is given to you and the students directly, use of an easy online gradebook, free assessment tests to get to know your students better, and our Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) function (which is designed to help the students prepare for the National Registry exam). EMSTesting can do so much more than just create paper tests.
  • Using EMSTesting well overall with little or no use of our Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT) function. The CAT is a very special function that mimics the format of the National Registry. The CAT will provide feedback to the student down to the Objective level, as well as listing the student’s strengths and weaknesses, so the student knows where to focus for studying.
  • Using Platinum Planner for some areas but not others. Such as creating a good foundation for a course to be used, but then not creating Opportunities or Labs for the students. The program needs to be used to the fullest or student documentation and reporting will not work correctly.
  • Acquiring Platinum Planner and not using the program. Sometimes a client acquires the program and it is not used by the institution. If you are in this situation, please contact us and we can help you with training and set-up.

Although these are common trends among some of our clients, we want our programs to be used to their fullest. We want our clients to have a very positive experience and we want our clients to renew and work with us again in the future. If you have any questions about our programs or you want additional training to set-up to use our programs well, please contact me or another member of our team. Also if we can help in any other way to increase your satisfaction while using our programs, do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help!

Thank you for supporting our programs!

John Zimmer
Client Relations Manager
Platinum Educational Group
616-818-7877 main
616-490-5395 cell