Q: How do I add dates using the calendar scheduling option? (PlatinumPlanner.com)

This article was published in our February 2014 Newsletter, by Ryan Krebs, PlatinumPlanner.com Customer Advocate

Q: How do I add dates using the calendar scheduling option?

The add dates using calendar scheduling option was added to the mix to help out folks who need to enter schedules that do not necessarily follow a set pattern. To access this scheduling option go to My Opportunities, select create new opportunity and fill out all of the required opportunity fields. At the bottom of the opportunity creation screen you will see our scheduling options (line by line scheduling, Scheduler+, and add dates using calendar). To begin using the calendar option click on the button that says add dates using calendar, you will then be brought to the calendar scheduler page. You will need to select the sign up by date, the shift start and end times, and the clinical site and location. Once that has been done you are ready to begin scheduling with the calendar. To schedule desired days simply click on the desired dates and press the add dates for opportunity button in the lower right hand corner. That’s all there is to it, you have now scheduled using the calendar scheduling option!