Q: How do my students review their results once they’ve taken an adaptive test? (EMSTesting.com)

This article was published in our August 2013 Newsletter by David Smith, EMSTesting.com Customer Advocate

Q: How do my students review their results once they’ve taken an adaptive test?

To do this, the student will click on “Adaptive Testing” from their EMSTesting home page, and then click “view results” next to the test they would like to view their results on. To review an individual test they’ll click on the name of the test, while to view their overall results of all tests combined they’ll click the “View Class Summary” button on the top of the page.

Initially it will display to them a bar chart showing their overall indication for whatever module they’ve tested on. Above and to the right of their overall indication is a drop-­‐down called “Results Displayed As:”. Via that drop-­‐down they can see their percentile ranking on the module compared to all other students at their provider level who have tested on the module, their average score on the module, the highest difficulty of question they reached in the adaptive testing for a module, and the one we’re really interested in: the “Detailed Grid View”.

The Detailed Grid View will break down student results based on the module they tested on, as well as the Bloom level of question they were asked(though you can change this to just the module view in the “Results Displayed As:” drop-­‐down to the right). If a student clicks the “+” button next to a module name it will expand the module to display all of the topics in the module they were asked questions on. If they click the “+” button next to one of the topics it will expand the topic to display all of the objectives the student answered questions on. These are displayed as their objective reference numbers (example: 1-­‐4.16), which can be checked by students by clicking on the “Objective Reference [PDF]” located right above the grid. In this way students will know exactly which objectives they’re strong in, as well as which objectives they should review in their notes/reading.

However, the adaptive testing portion of the site will not give the students the correct answers to questions, nor will it let them see which questions they’ve answered after completing a test. The reason for this is that we find it is far more beneficial for the student to understand the objective behind a question, than it is for them to memorize an answer to a question they will not see when they take the National Registry.