How do you take Computer Adaptive Tests in Platinum Tests?

Go to


Sign into your account using the Login button.

On your student dashboard you will see a list of your Current Classes. Expand out the class that you would like to take an adaptive test in.

Click the Adaptive Testing button.


On the Adaptive Tests page click the red New Adaptive Test button on the top right.


Select your Test Type, Curriculum, and Module. For now, you will be using the Platinum Non-Validated Test Bank.


Click Start to Start your new adaptive test.


Select the answers to each question, then click the Next button until you have answered all the questions in the module.


If you would like to submit feedback, click the Student Feedback button and fill out the form to submit feedback about the question.

If you would like to flag the question, click the Flag Question button. This will tag the question in reporting so that someone can later discuss this question with you.

You will be brought to your results page when you have completed the test.


To see your results at any time, click on the Summary Report button.


Click on the Adaptive Report tab to view your Adaptive Report.

Note: The Static Test Report tab is only used for reporting if you have a teacher and are participating in a class.