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Q: I need to print off a paper copy of the student results on a test for my records. Is there a way to do this in

This article was previously published in our February 2014 Newsletter by David Smith, Customer Advocate

Q: I need to print off a paper copy of the student results on a test for my records. Is there a way to do this in

A: The answer to the question is “Yes-ish”. There is not a paper print out of the test questions with the answers given for each individual student at the moment, but what we do have should accomplish your goal and save you a bit of paper in the process.

To print off a copy of the test the students all took, click on “Edit My Tests” in the instructor role and then click “Expand” next to the name of the test you’re looking for. This will bring up the .pdfs for the student test handout(the questions), and the answers and annotations(the answers, without the questions listed). Printing or saving a copy of these will allow you to show exactly which questions were given to the students, what the correct answers were, and why.

Now that we’ve got the test, we’ll need the student responses. To access these, go to your Instructor Home page, click on your class, and then click “View Gradebook”. Now you’ll click on the name of the test(in red) that you’d like the student results for(this takes a minute to load sometimes depending on the length of the test and the number of students who took it). When the reporting page comes up, scroll to the bottom of the list of student names and select “Export Answers to Excel” on the far-right.

The document it opens up for you shows you, for each student who took the test, the question number, the student answer(1=a, 2=b, etc), the correct answer, if the student was correct(1=yes, 2=no), if they flagged the question for discussion in class(True=they want to go over it, False= they do not want to go over it), how confident they were about their answer(students can choose between 0 and 5 stars when answering a question about how confident they are that they have the correct answer), and a timestamp showing the month, day, year, and minute they answered the question.

Only having to print these 3 documents off should save you a bunch of paper(especially if you just save the files digitally, rather than actually printing them off), versus having a test printed off for each individual student.