Join us at the APSCU 2015 Annual Convention!

Platinum Educational Group will be at the APSCU 2015 Annual Convention on June 2nd to 4th, 2015 in Denver, Colorado to announce our new Allied Health Scheduling Program in!

Join us at booth #923 and register for a $100 gift card! We would be honored if you stopped by and said hello! We would also love to introduce you to our industry leading and scheduling programs!

Also, enter our drawing for a $100 gift card giveaway at no obligation! Fill out this form and drop it off to us at booth #923! Giveaway Form APSCU 100.pdf

Platinum Planner’s new Allied Health program brings students, instructors, school administration, and clinical sites together for stress free scheduling and skill tracking. Platinum Planner provides online organization, control, and peace of mind. In other words, it makes your life, and your students’ lives, less difficult!

This program is essential for all Allied Health programs!

Improve your school’s production by:

  • Being CAAHEP friendly.
  • Scheduling student’s more efficiently, therefore saving schools time and resources.
  • Measuring the impact of training.
  • Evaluating students objectively.
  • Documenting program experiences with ease.
  • Managing clinicals, labs, and field experiences in less time with fewer hassles.
  • Meeting accreditation standards.

Student Features:

  • Organizing their schedule, therefore helping their experience be less stressful.
  • Mimicking typical industry data entry processes and offering useful feedback.
  • Reduces the clutter and confusion of a paper-based tracking system by storing and organizing the data online.

We are offering a low introductory rate of $25 per student! That fee is for the entire course whether it’s 4 days or 4 years! Best of all, both the school and the student get free customer support!

APSCU 2015 Annual Convention