NEW FEATURES: December 2018

Custom Forms and New Controls for Totals

What is that you may be wondering. When creating custom forms as a school administrator or instructor, you can now add in a Totals section. After you add that in, any ratings that are included in the total will add up in the totals control.

Form Summary Report Summarizes Totals

This new feature is located in Reports/Form Reporting. After you select your form you want to view, select the new button labeled “Run Report Summary”. This will show you all the students shift dates, names, and total points with percents.

Check out the video below to see it in action!

Instructors now have access to all reports for classes they are in!

Now when Instructors select the Reports button up in the Menu bar they will be able to select any report that the school administrator can select. They will only be able to view the courses they are in and only the students that are in their classes.

Make “Skill Groups” skills clickable on the progress report!

Now within the progress report after you select a course and run the report. You will notice within a CoAEMSP create course report with the “Skill Groups” that the Groups are now “Clickable”. Once selected, you will be able to view what skills fall into that group and which ones are locked or unlocked. You can also click on those skills to view what progress has been made within the skills.

Add classification description pop-up text to student progress report!

Also within the progress reports, you will noticed we separated out the lab skills and other skills based on their Classifications. Like Basic Competency, Basic Competency Scenario, Individual, Individual Scenario. If you scroll down and Hover the Mouse Pointer over one of those titles, it will display information pertaining to where those skills fall within the New Student Patient Contact Matrix Appendix G reports.

Allow preceptors and students to be able to view each others forms/comments!

As a school administrator, if you edit a clinical or field internship class, you now have the option to let you preceptors view the students comments about them, or let the students view the comments the preceptors made about them just by turning on the new fields.

Add info for locked skills on Scenario “Edit Documentation” screen!

When documenting scenarios and selecting lab skills or pathologies. The format of the skills has changed. The skills that are Green have been completed, Yellow means they are unlocked for documentation, Charcoal Black means they are locked awaiting prerequisites to be completed, and Blue meaning the Minimum Requirement is set to 0 but can still be documented.

Group Testing – New Voice Selection Option!

When doing group tests now instructors can select the voice they would like to hear.

When working with a scenario, the program should filter out prerequisites that are not active at the course level!

Creating scenarios has changed slightly. Now the instructor must select the Class first before saving. This allows the site to check the skills turned on in the course and turn off skills that the template requires but the course doesn’t.

Sneak Peek at Conflicts Resolution with app and computer!

Check out the video below to see it in action!

Scenarios and Lab Skill Selection has Changed!

As you may have noticed in the New Features December 9th video, we color coded all of the skills for scenarios. Green, Gold, Blue, and Charcoal.

We also did this in Labs for Students, Peers, and Instructors when documenting.

Another bonus to help users understand the colors is the new Legend Key. This is located in the upper right after you select the button ‘Add/Remove Skills’.

If you Hover the mouse pointer over any of the fields, it will give you a description of that color and its functions.

Check out the video below to see it in action!

Cloning Custom Skills

Now school administrators have the ability to clone their custom skills. Navigate to Manage Skills and just select “Clone” next to a skill you want to copy. This makes it much faster to create multiple skills and if you want skills to be just for specific provider levels with their own custom forms attached to them.

Update Manage Opportunities and Manage Student Documentation Table View

Located in the Instructor Role. You can navigate to Manage Opportunities, select the gear icon to the right of the search bar and Add in the columns, Maximum Slots, Remaining Slots, and Request to Join. This will show you what is and is not available for students at a glance.

Also within the instructor role, if you navigate to Opportunities/Manage Student Documentation. Then select the Little Gear icon to the right of the search bar and add in the column Actual Hours. This is useful if you want to be able to add up one students total shift hours. Just export it to excel and use the AutoSum feature.

Calendars Show Students Provider Level

This is located in all roles besides the student role. Just click calendar and you can view the shifts, student’s name, and provider level.

Shift Evaluation Shows Patient Number, Age, Sex, Type and Chief Complaint

This can be viewed as a Preceptor or student. After the student has added in their patients. If they click on the Forms tab, and then on Clinical Shift Evaluation. They will now see each patient listed like, Patient Number, Age, Sex, Type and Chief Complaint in the headers.

Preceptor Responses Available to Students if Turned ON

Last updates video I showed you how to turn on the feature to allow students to view preceptor comments. This has now been expanded to show everything the preceptor has said about the student.

Sending Calendar Emails Now Contain a Message Field

Located in the school administrator role in Course/Classes/Sites and selecting Manage Calendar Emails. Within a current schedule or a newly created schedule. You can now add in a message. It could be your contact information or whatever you like.

New Past Due Tab For Instructors

Ever want to know if documentation is past due? Now you can set that feature and have tabs available to know if documentation is truly past due.

You can turn this on by Editing the Course “Class” as a school administrator by setting the field Documentation Due in Hours.
Then as an Instructor, in any area that says Manage Student Documentation. You can see everything past due in the Past Due Tab.

*Note: If you have returned student documentation, they may submit it after the Due Date. Please Review the Documentation thoroughly before approving, returning, or rejecting it.

Check out the video below to see it in action!