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NEW FEATURES: February 2018

Platinum Planner New Features

Platinum Planner Mobile App
We continue to add many new features to our mobile app. Along with these new features we have updated our interface to support more modern phones like the iPhone X!

Signature Field Available on Custom Forms
When you create a custom form as a school or instructor under Options/Manage Forms, the signature type is now available to add to your custom form. You can also (optionally) add help text and make the signature required. This feature has also been added to the mobile app for students who fill out the custom forms on our mobile app.

Custom Form Title Display
We have now improved the display of section titles when reviewing a custom form so that the titles stand out more and are more readable.

Update to Patient Ages
When students are filling out their clinical documentation and adding patients, no assessment by patient age group will be shown by default until the student has entered an age for the patient. The student also cannot accidentally log the wrong age in the system. If they do, the system will remove it. Platinum is also working on a future feature option for age groupings to be defined at a course level. In the future you will be able to setup your own custom age groups.

New Signature Form Field Type
In labs and clinicals only. When you manage a class within a course, then edit a clinical class you will see a new checkbox “require instructors to apply their signature before approving student documentation”. If you turn this feature on and save it, you can then go to the instructor role and review clinical documentation in that class and see a large signature field displayed. The signature will be required if you have turned this feature on. You will not be able to approve without a signature.

Add Survey Type Option to Batch Edit
In the instructor role, in the Manage Opportunities section under batch edit you will have pass/fail survey as an option to batch edit.

Preceptor Student Review Report
Students now can give access to preceptors to see a report for field internship opportunities. On the report, preceptors will see the student and how field internship preceptors evaluated the student in different areas. The documentation shown in this report must be graded by the instructor and also reviewed and completed by a preceptor.

Course Level Option for Site Preceptor Evaluations
When you edit a course, you can now change the grading process area. This sets the default for when students create their own opportunities.

Updates to Surgical Tech Profession Reporting
The Surgical Tech profession reports now show totals required for surgical cases and the maximum and minimum for first and second scrubs.

Add Default Preceptor to Calendar Emails
In the school role, under Courses/Classes/Sites, the Manage Calendar Emails now include the default preceptor in the automated scheduled emails.

Show Student Name/Preceptor Name on the Instructor Low Grade Feedback Emails
When a student grades a preceptor or site with a 1 or 2, an email is generated and sent to instructors. That email now clearly indicates student name and preceptor name.

Red Background Color Added to Low Rating on Surveys
When an instructor reviews student documentation, the low ratings on surveys will now show a background color in red.

Add Preceptor Column to the Manage Opportunities Grid
As an instructor on the Manage Opportunities page, you can now add a column that shows the default preceptor to the grid. Just click the gear icon next to the search box to do this. We also gave the ability to search by preceptor from the search box.

Add Class Column to the Manage Opportunities Grid
As a student on the My Opportunities page, you can now add a column that shows the Class on the grid. In addition, the class is now shown on the details modal.

EMSTesting/PlatinumTests New Features

Chromebook Secure Testing
Secure testing on a chromebook is now available to school labs or on school managed chromebooks. No student owned chromebooks are supported at this time.

Platinum Final Exam EMT-P 2.3
The EMT-P 2.3 Final Exam has been updated and is now available as EMT-P 2.4. Please use the EMT-P 2.4 version of the test for all future final exams. Please do not use EMT-P 2.3 for it is now outdated.