NEW FEATURES: July 2019 Enhance User Interface for Instructors, Instructor Calendar Updates, Delete Documents, and more

Add students while Editing scenarios

Now when creating scenarios, like labs, scenarios now have the Students tab where the end user can add the students during the editing phase. Before they would have to create the entire event and then add the students after creation.

New “Today” tab for Manage Student Documentation

Located in the instructor role in Manage Student Documentation for Labs, Scenarios, and Opportunities and if there is any Events for today.

A new tab will appear called the “Today” tab.

This will list all events for Today depending on if you are in Manage Student Documentation for Labs, Scenarios or Opportunities.

New Options in Manage Student Documentation (Opportunities)

We have heard many customer request an easy way to remove opportunities from the Documenting and Past Due tab without clicking a whole bunch.

Previously users would login as the student, submit their documentation, and then reject is as the instructor.

Now instructors can click view on the documentation in the Documenting or Past Due tabs. Then select View on an opportunity. Scroll down and select “Reject”.

Check out the video below to see it in action!

Instructor Calendar Updates

Located in the instructor role and selecting Calendar in the Menu options at the top. Users will notice the new Event Display Options section.

Here you can add in Opportunities, Labs, and Scenarios filtering the calendar more than what we could in the past.

Also clicking on the event the user can click Edit Lab, Scenarios, or Opportunity in the bottom right.

This will bring them directly to the settings page for that event.

School Admins and Instructors can Delete Documents

As a School Administrator or Instructor up in the Menu bar and navigating to Options. Select Manage Documents.

The user will notice in the Actions column they can now delete documents.

Remove Defaults from Alumni students tab

As a School Administrator up in the red menu bar navigate to Manage Users/Requests and select Manage Students.
Now select the Alumni tab.

The user will notice the Defaults actions link has been removed from this section.

Global Skills/Forms limited to Course Professions in School

Also as a School Administrator up in the red menu bar navigate to Options and select Manage Skills.
Now select the Global Skills tab.

Users may notice the skill list has shrunk. This is due to the site filtering the skills down to only skills that match your course professions in your school.

So if all the courses are EMS related. You will only see EMS skills in the Global Skills tab.

Also if you edit a Global Skill and navigate to the Forms tab/School Forms.
The forms that appear are also based on the course professions in your school.

Check out the video below to see it in action!