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NEW FEATURE: Unified Courses/Class Creation between all PEG Products!

By the Dev Team

Platinum Educational Group is pleased to announce the launch of one of its most requested features, the ability to create courses in EMSTesting and PlatinumTests! Now that we have courses in all of our products we thought we would make it easier by merging all course creation capabilities into a single unified interface. In addition, our education department has created course templates which can be used to help schools get started building courses to meet CoAEMSP/National Registry/CAAHEP or other accrediting body requirements.

Unified Course/Class creation gives schools the ability to create new courses straight from the dashboard. The new courses will be shared between our products (if a school uses more than one of our solutions). We also have added the ability to link a school or a school course to via campaign code for student enrollments. School credit has also been merged into a single balance and can be used to purchase any of our products. For students, we have enhanced the enrollment process for enrolling into a new course, simplifying the student sign-up experience!

We created a short video that premiered originally at NAEMSE to show customers some of the incredible new features our products now offer!

We continue to make our products simpler to use by bringing them together. Last July 2016, we brought our customers the single sign-in feature so our users can access our products with one email and password. We also brought customers the dashboard which is customized with information relative to the user. Now, with unified course/class creation we have gone one step further by giving our customers a more simplified user experience.

All new courses schools create on or after August 13, 2017 can be shared between our products. If you are not using more than one of our products, things will be relatively the same, except in EMSTesting/PlatinumTests you will now see that there is a course named the same as your class and a new area to edit your classes. When editing classes, you will have all the same settings from before, plus the optional use of the new enhancements we have added!

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new feature please contact us by calling 616.818.7877 or emailing us at!