New Preceptor Verification for Instructors in Platinum Planner!

If a student adds a new preceptor to their documentation, the student’s documentation can no longer be accepted until the preceptor is verified by their instructor.


When an instructor is reviewing the student’s documentation they will have the option to verify the preceptor (shown above). Once the Instructor has verified the preceptor by clicking on the “Verify Preceptor” button, the “Approve” button will be enabled.


When a preceptor is verified during a documentation review, an audit or record of this will show under the “Audits” section when editing a preceptor. This event shows who verified the preceptor and when.

Field Internships

Students documenting opportunities during their “Field Internship” phase can only select verified and trained preceptors. They no longer have the ability to create a new preceptor if they are documenting an opportunity during their Field Internship.

Requirements for this restriction are, the class the opportunity is assigned to is marked as a Field Internship and the Category for the opportunity is EMS.

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