PEG Platinum Planner Scenarios

This article was written by John Spencer, Medical Educator

We recognize the amount of work that goes into creating valid scenarios and how valuable your time is. That is why we have crafted 53 validated scenarios in Platinum Planner. Each of these scenarios have been validated by our medical educators as well as by our medical director. These scenarios are written and laid out to match the NREMT Scenario Template and are fully customizable. This means that you can edit each of the scenarios to meet the needs of your class. Even better, because we allow you to customize the 53 scenarios, they can very easily become 106 or even more!

There are scenarios written for each of the 15 topic areas as outlined by the NREMT portfolio project, and for each of the topic areas there are scenarios for the Adult, Geriatric, and Pediatric patient populations.

The scenarios include:

Respiratory Distress/Failure – Adult, Pediatric, & Geriatric
Chest Pain – Adult & Geriatric
Cardiac Rhythm Disturbance Bradycardia – Adult & Pediatric
Cardiac Rhythm Disturbance Tachycardia – Pediatric
Cardiac Rhythm Disturbance MI – Adult (Left & Right) & Geriatric
Cardiac Arrest – Neonate, Infant, Pediatric, Adult, & Geriatric
Stroke – Adult & Geriatric
Overdose – Pediatric, Adult, & Geriatric
Abdominal Pain – Adult, Pediatric, & Geriatric
Allergic Reaction – Adult, Pediatric, & Geriatric
Anaphylactic Reaction – Adult
Diabetic Emergency – Adult (High & Low) & Pediatric (High & Low)
Psychiatric Emergency – Adult, Pediatric, & Geriatric
Seizure – Adult, Pediatric, & Geriatric
Abdominal Pain – Adult Female (GYN, Labor, & Pre-Labor Emergency)
Blunt Trauma – Adult, Pediatric, & Geriatric
Penetrating Trauma – Adult, Pediatric, & Geriatric
Hemorrhage – Adult, Pediatric, & Geriatric

Having valid scenarios already crafted and at your fingertips will allow you to utilize your time more wisely. It will also help with interrater reliability because each of the scenarios is created with treatment and outcomes in mind and with vital signs and findings easily accessible.