Our Customer Service Team – Excellence Personified

This article was published in our May 2016 Newsletter, by Tom Gottschalk, COO

If we asked our customers five years ago what they envisioned Platinum Educational Group as, they would have likely had two perspectives. The first was that there were these two guys (Doug and Tom) who owned and operated a software company in the Midwest. The other point of view was that Platinum was this big ol’ testing company in Michigan, whom had a corporate structure and whose goal was to take over the world. Who was right? The first group for sure. Up until 4 years ago, Platinum was literally a two-man show being powered by trusted advisors, contractors, and excellent customers, which much like friends can do, have driven us to where we are today.

In 2016, we are many professionals strong and among those numbers exist a customer service department. Their main goal is to make sure our customers are provided the best training, customer support, and attempt to obtain absolute satisfaction of our product lines and our company as a whole. This article, I hope, will help add some color and depth to your knowledge about our customer service team.

The Foundation
Responsibilities of the team are distributed among the group by the Customer Support Manger, and often are divided among support and training lines much like your own organization, I suspect. Our trainers take the lead on teaching our fellow educators how to get the most out of our solutions. Meanwhile, our other customer support staff are standing watch on the support side to either remind our users how to do a specific task or assist when something might go awry. And they are good at it.

Drawing from a tradition set by the company founders of a genuine desire to serve, they do an incredible job at exceeding customer expectations. How? Well, every 24 hours this division alone is engaged with 30-60 customers live by phone, Zendesk support, and personal training sessions. And they are doing so with exceptional satisfaction ratings too. Let me share a few unique examples of how that is done.

  • Clients are offered multiple hours of one on one or small group training session from our trainers tailored around their schedule at no charge.
  • Our Midwestern US based support team is backed up by industry experts who have decades of experience in their chosen field to solve complex matters.
  • Platinum customers asking for help enjoy the luxury of a real person replying to their needs on average within 15 minutes or less EVERY day of the year. That is 28.6 hours faster than our competition!
  • Our customers are privy to an industry leading 97% customer satisfaction approval rating!

Please allow us to show you how we make the difficult in medical field education easy. Reach out to us at 616.818.7877 or email us if you would like to schedule your own education demo of either EMSTesting.com, PlatinumTests.com (NCLEX-RNĀ® test prep), or Platinum Planner Skills Tracker. We are honored to serve you!