Platinum Educational Group Rolls Out Platinum Planner Portfolio Project

Projected September 2016, the National Registry will begin allowing students who have completed an accredited Paramedic program and have met the requirements of a portfolio equivalent program, the ability to participate in a scenario management station in lieu of some of the National Registry psychomotor skill examinations. The Registry psychomotor examination will then continue to move from the current skill focus to a more patient management focus in order to meet the Registry’s goal of evaluating students against the standard of competent entry-level providers. With this move, from skills-focus, the verification of competency of these entry-level skills will shift from the Registry to each individual training program. Eventually, in order for program’s candidates to test at the Registry, the student will have been required to successfully complete a portfolio program.

Based on pilot participant queries and other online resources, the portfolio process is a relatively simple process to understand. The portfolio process starts with evaluating student competencies of a set of 34 representative psychomotor skills. Some of these skills are required to be teacher-evaluated and some can be peer-reviewed. Once competency in these skills is established, scenario/simulation labs can begin where the student will be evaluating in patient management performance as well as functioning as a team member for pediatric, adult, and geriatric simulated patients. Competencies in specific scenarios are then intended to enable students to progress to clinical opportunities in the hospital or field settings. There are also minimal competency expectations in the clinical and field settings in order to complete the portfolio program.

Are you ready? Platinum Educational Group is proud to announce that our program meets this portfolio evaluation process thanks to our latest rollout on August 10, 2014. We decided to launch early on so that paramedic programs could become comfortable with this process well before it became a requirement.


If you have any questions about Portfolio, please contact us today!