Platinum Planner Enhances Reporting with New Skills Tracking Options

The new Platinum Planner skills tracking options have been included where applicable in our Progress Report, National Registry Portfolio Progress Report and in our Student Patient Contact Matrix (Appendix G). Note: The old Appendix G & H have been combined by CoAEMSP and have been moved to our former reports tab.


Remember, the total number of points required is equal to peer minimums plus instructor minimums. Additional instructor reviews above the minimum can count as a peer review if the student did not meet their peer review minimums.

National Registry Portfolio Progress Report

As a School Administrator, Instructor, or a Student that has a Scenario class enabled, the National Registry Portfolio Progress Report now shows if the scenario skill was peer reviewed, while previously we only showed if the skill was instructor reviewed.


Student Patient Contact Matrix (Appendix G)

As a School Administrator, the Student Patient Contact Matrix or Appendix G will show the number of skill minimums required, if Sims are used and the points given to the Sims.


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