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NEW FEATURE: Platinum Planner Mobile App 2.0 Release

Platinum Educational Group is proud to release Version 2.0 of the Platinum Planner mobile app for the Google Play store and Apple Store. We have addressed syncing issues that may have occurred for some users in the past. If syncing has not been addressed for you, please contact us and let us know by contacting our Customer Support Team or by calling 616-818-7877.

Version 2.0 has added features, UI/UX updates, and major speed improvements in syncing and updating data.

New Preceptor Role!

Among our new features is the added role of preceptors to the mobile app. We have added full support for preceptors including:

  • Preceptor Training
    • Ability to review and complete preceptor training.
    • Ability to view and attach documents to preceptor training.
    • Ability to view attached documents if the preceptor completed the previous training.
  • Preceptor Student Documentation Review/Completion
    • View student’s documentation while they are in the process of documenting.
    • Review student’s documentation after it has been submitted and/or graded.
    • Complete the Student Clinical Evaluation form, and any other forms required by the student’s school.
    • Attach documents/images to the student’s documentation.
    • Review and alter the preceptor signature.
    • Approve, Reject, or Return student documentation, with an optional email message if desired.
  • Preceptor Messaging
    • Read messages located in the current preceptor’s inbox/outbox (online only).
    • Compose new messages to school admins, instructors, students, and other preceptors (online only).
  • Preceptor Calendar Sync
    • Sync a calendar with all upcoming opportunities where the preceptor is assigned as the default preceptor, and there is at least one student attached to the opportunity.
  • Multiple Accounts
    • Preceptors can switch between their different accounts/schools.

New Student Features!

We added additional student features to help students using the mobile app.

  • Improved Progress Report (online only)
    • Added progress bars to all totals, hours and skills.
    • Additional information is now available if the user clicks on either an hour category or skill. Additional details include Adjusted, Completed, Required, Instructor, and Peer Review skills/hours.
  • Improved Class Details
    • Added teacher/peer minimums along with sims used and sim values.
  • New forms features:
    • Improved forms to be easier to read and provide more support for more devices.
    • Added current points earned to the top right of the screen when completing a form with points.
  • Clinical Features:
    • When viewing the list of current/upcoming clinicals there is a new pin icon which will open the location in a location aware app of the users choosing (Uber, Google Maps, etc. App must be installed on device).
    • Nicer, easier patient details entry form.
  • Submitting Changes/Features:
    • Submitting Labs, Scenarios, or Clinicals requires the user to be online. All data related to these events can be edited offline, but the submit feature requires users to be online.
    • If a preceptor signs a clinical while offline the student will no longer be able to edit the clinical in the app, unless they clear the signature first. It is easy to submit the clinical when a student does go online.
  • Other Improvements/Features:
    • Major speed improvements in syncing and updating data.
    • Improvements made to our offline feature.
    • Colors and the UI have been updated and should be easier to read/use.
    • Switch between student and preceptor roles when the current user is active with both roles.
    • The amount of data transferred and stored on the user’s device has been greatly reduced.
    • Added a new sync bar at the bottom of the screen.
    • Overall improved responsiveness and stability.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Support Team or call 616-818-7877.