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by Ryan Krebs, Customer Service Advocate

Hopefully you are already familiar with our new additions to the program, if not I’ll take a moment to point out two of the big additions we have made and how to see these features in action.

Changes to Reports
One of the areas that has seen the most change is our reports. Not only did they get a new more modern look, but they are now more user friendly, more powerful, and easier to update and maintain. The report that changed the most, was our General Report. This is now a true pivot grid report. The pivot grid format allows for more power and flexibility when reporting.

Another popular request that was added to each report is the ability to select the entire class while running a report. This is most useful on the “Progress Report” where you can now run one report that shows your entire class. You will still have the ability to print off the progress reports and print the entire class at once.

New Opportunity Creation Layout
Another area that has seen some changes is our Opportunity Creation page. Just by taking a quick look you will notice the new modern interface. You will also notice that we have opted to use a tabular format that fits in with the rest of the site. The first time you create an opportunity with the new format, you will quickly realize how simple and easy it is to now add opportunities.

Want to see these features in action?

One of the easiest ways to see the new features is to sign up for the new features webinars, which we hold every Monday at 2:00 pm Eastern. If that time slot does not work you can always use the “Help” button to submit a request for a webinar or call us at 616-818-7877 to request a time that works best for you.

During the webinars you can expect to see how to use each report, opportunity creation, and any other requests that you may have.