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Jeff Dykstra, Platinum’s CRO, speaks at the NN2 Conference about helping programs work smarter not harder.


Big idea: Helping your programs work smarter not harder

Express the why. What is the ultimate goal?

Identify your program directors specific needs and requirements

Be a part of the initial training and development

Sherry Kinnucan, Platinum’s Director of Education, talks about utilizing the EMS Flipped Classroom


Understand how people learn

Understand what a flipped classroom is

Identify the roles within the flipped classroom

Pro’s and Con’s of student directed learning in the classroom

Prepare and integrate learning into the EMS classroom

Jeff Dykstra, Platinum’s Director of Sales, talks about the “roadblocks” faced by educators and how to overcome them.


Know the five main “roadblocks” educators fear with online platforms

Understand solutions and anecdotes of “roadblocks”

Have knowledge of the inner workings of an online competency tracking platform

Have knowledge in online clinical/lab scheduling for students

Learn how to apply competency tracking in an online platform (Hands-on Applications)

The EMS Handoff crew talks with Doug Smith, a co-founder of Platinum Educational Group, on his last day of being a practicing paramedic.


History as a high school Math & Science Teacher

EMS in different locations in Michigan

Textbooks Now and Then

Techniques vs Principles in EMS

Creation of the EMSTesting Test Bank

Creating Difficult Test Questions

Downsides of Memorizing a Test


The EMS Handoff crew talks with John Spencer, the director of education at Platinum Educational Group, on the subject, “Where Can We Do Better?”


Chasing the affective domain

People with pulses; meat in the seat

Failing the affective domain

Truth about lies

2nd and 3rd order effects

Affective fails are few and far between

Culling the herd

The Call has a conversation with our own John Spencer. The Call: Real conversations with real people in pre-hospital medicine providing you with knowledge, perspective, and inspiration to answer the call. The Call podcast is powered by Gateway Technical College and WGTD FM 91.1. The show is hosted by Austin Brandt and Executive Produced by Timothy Williamson.

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