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Q: When creating classes in Platinum Planner for my Paramedic course, what is the difference between a “Clinical” class and a “Field Internship” class?

A: A “Clinical” class would be a class that is tracking student skill competencies in a hospital or clinical setting. This would also include ambulance time, or “Field Experience”, which CoAEMSP defines as:

“Planned, scheduled, educational student time spent on an EMS unit, which may include observation and skill development, but which does not include field internship (capstone) team leading and does not contribute to the CoAEMSP definition of field internship.”

Traditionally for Paramedics, Field Internship Team Lead skills are not tracked in a Clinical class.

A ”Field Internship” class would be a class just tracking student competencies during their “Field Internship Capstone” phase, which would follow their “Field Experience” phase. CoAEMSP defines “Field Internship” as:

“Planned, scheduled, educational student time on an advanced life support (ALS) unit responsible for responding to critical and emergent patients who access the emergency medical system to develop and evaluate team leading skills. The primary purpose of field internship is a capstone experience managing the Paramedic level decision-making associated with pre-hospital patients.”

Field Internship classes are usually where Field Internship Team Lead skills are tracked.