Q: It looks like the student signup page for Shared Sites has changed. How is it different from the way it was before?

A: Previously, students would go to sign up for a shared site opportunity and be presented with 3 bars for the date they were looking at. There was one bar for the availability of the site, one bar for the availability of the student, and a bar in the center that would show if both the student and the site had availability at the same time.

The issue students sometimes had with this was that, if the site was a particularly busy one, they’d have to keep jumping around between days to find one that would match up for both availabilities.

Shared site signup has now been updated in a few ways to make it a bit more user-friendly. Not only is there a map of the location, but the site’s hours of availability are also available for the students to see before they even start looking for a specific day.

Students can then chose the specific day they’re looking for, and a ranges of time for their shift to begin are displayed for them to select from. And in the event it’s a busy site, and the day they’re looking for is unavailable, a new button called “Find Next Available Date” has been added to help them find what else is available quickly.

If you have any additional questions/comments do not hesitate to Contact Customer Support, or via phone at 616-818-7877.