Q: The students in our program are actually enrolled in multiple concurrent classes in the same course(ex. Cardiology, Airway, Preparatory, etc., all being a part of “Paramedic 2015”) and we need these to all have separate grade books. Is this possible?

by David Smith, Customer Service Manager

A: Yes, however, it does require the help of the support team. We understand that cohorts will often be enrolled in multiple concurrent classes within a course, and that suggesting that students pay for each class segment is a great way to cause a mutiny! We try to avoid that whenever we can.

To accomplish this, what you’ll do as the instructor is create the first class(Let’s say, the Preparatory class), and then have all of the students sign up for that class, and accept them. Once their enrollment fee has been covered, you’ll then create the other concurrent classes(Trauma, Spec. Pops., etc.) and contact us. On our end, we’ll add the necessary credit to cover the students in each of the other classes, and then add them in. You can then administer your tests in the appropriate classes, and only have them show up in that one grade book.

This will allow you to print off an Excel grade book for the class for each of the sections and not have your Cardiology quizzes effect your Operations grades, and the students won’t notice a major difference on their side(apart from having multiple classes listed under “Current Classes”).

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