Q: All of the times in EMSTesting.com are set to Eastern Time. Is there a way to set the time zones to my local time?

A: Actually, now there is! Time zone support was recently added in to EMSTesting.com at multiple levels. At the School Administrator level, school administrators can go up to the “Subscription” button near the top-left of the page, and select the time zone for the school. This will propagate the change throughout the school and set all time zones to the time zone selected.

However, individual users can also change the time zone their account is associated with in the “My Account” button near the top-right of their home page. This will supersede the school time zone, and can be very helpful for schools that teach classes in multiple time zones, or for students who primarily test in a different time zone from their school.

This change should help with time zone confusion, and having to do a lot of time conversion when determining when a test begins and ends. And coming up shortly, Platinum Planner will also have time zone support as well.

That’s just one of the more recent questions. If you’ve got questions about anything else, feel free to give us a call at 616-818-7877 or use the Request Help button in EMSTesting or the Help button in Platinum Planner, and we’ll provide the support you need!