Q: I used to have accounts in both Platinum Planner and EMSTesting. When I log in now though on my dashboard it only shows one of the two programs. Why can’t I access my account for the other program?

A: The impetus behind the Single Sign-On update was to allow users to access both EMSTesting and Platinum Planner accounts by just logging in once with a single email address and password.

The way we did this was by linking together accounts that had the same email address, since email addresses are unique and names are not. But if, for example, you had an account in EMSTesting that used a different email address from your account in Platinum Planner, the system could not know if those two accounts should be linked together.

The best way to get two accounts with different email addresses between the two programs linked together, would be to contact the Platinum Customer Support Team (Call 616-818-7877 or click the red “Help” button near the bottom-right of the screen). The Support Team has the ability to manually link two accounts together under whichever email address you would like to use to log in.

Otherwise, if you log in and only your account for one of the programs shows up, and you don’t want your accounts linked, you can always log out and log back in again using the email address and password associated with the other account.