Upcoming Features: Advanced Conflict Resolution

Advanced Conflict Resolution

What is advanced conflict resolution?

Here’s an example: Let’s say you opened up the Platinum Planner app and opened some clinical documentation. Then you got a call so you placed the app in the background. Later that day you finish all your documentation on a computer and submit it. Two days later you notice that app was left on and you were documenting that shift so you Sync it causing it to append/overwrite what was already submitted.

With Advanced Conflict Resolution you won’t have to worry about this any longer. If an instance like this happens to you, it will just return the documentation back to the student to reconcile. Once in the documentation, it will show the submitted data, and the data that was on the other device. You will be able to select what you want to keep and resubmit the documentation.

Note! This is a work in progress.

Below is a video for the labs and advanced conflict resolution!