Why should my EMS Program use Final Exams offered by EMSTesting?

Are you still creating final exams for your EMS programs? Are you still writing your own items, creating spreadsheets and reports for validation? WHY? It takes a great deal of time and effort to invest in building a defendable final exam that will be a reliable indicator of your students’ success at the National Registry. We have the solution for you!

EMSTesting offers final exams for each EMS license level and our education team is currently working on the creation of new final exams for the EMR, EMT, AEMT, and Paramedic levels. Our final exams are blueprinted according to the National Registry Practice Analysis and each item on the exam goes through the same rigorous validation process that our test bank items endure. All of the final exam items are reviewed for cut scores and are adjusted based on actual results and the Nedelsky method of calculating cut scores. Each final exam is reviewed and evaluated for difficulty and discrimination and piloted to over 100 individuals prior to implementation with program and medical director feedback as well.

Item analysis couldn’t be any easier! When administered on line as part of the full EMSTesting experience you will receive instant feedback on how the items are performing. You will enjoy an item analysis of the exam that includes the National Difficulty and Discrimination and your classes Difficulty and Discrimination for comparison as well as the point-biserial for your class. The analysis also allows you to see a detailed breakdown of your students’ performances.

Don’t waste time building a final exam! The process of building the exam, the rigorous validation process, the review for cut scores, difficulty and discrimination, and the thorough item analysis is tedious!! Platinum Educational Group’s final exams is a powerful tool that will be a reliable indicator of your students’ success. And it can be created in minutes not hours!!

How to Easily Create a Final Exam with EMSTesting

To create a capstone final exam select Manage Tests. This will bring you to the page titled Test Search. Click the Create New Test button and you will be directed to the Add a New Test page. Skip Test Name and Title and jump to Program Type *-You are required to pick a program type from the drop down options. This field is filtered down from the curriculum you choose in your class settings.

Select Provider Level* – You are required to pick a provider level from the drop down options. This is a critical field because it designates which question bank the questions are drawn from.

Test Type – Select Final Exam for your Program Type. Next Import Test From – Select the drop-down button from Import Test From and choose the Final Exam you would like to create.

Note: The version 2 level Final Exams will include annotations for the questions. Click the Create button to create your final exam.