2018 EMS, Allied Health and Nursing Scholarships Awarded

Mumtaaz “Taaz” Allen

The 2018 EMS scholarship was awarded to student Mumtaaz “Taaz” Allen. Mrs. Allen is enrolled in Dakota College’s Paramedic program located in Bottineau, North Dakota. Taaz dutifully supported her husband’s military career while raising their son. When the opportunity to be involved in emergency medical services arrived, she jumped at it. “I grew up in a medical household. I’ve always had an interest in and a love for helping heal people.” stated Mrs. Allen. After graduating, Taaz is excited about pursuing her next level of education as a Critical Care/Flight Paramedic.

Stormy Scharzenberger

The 2018 Allied Health scholarship was awarded to student Stormy Scharzenberger. Ms. Scharzenberger is enrolled in Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine at Oregon State University located in Corvallis, Oregon. Stormy has conducted extensive biomedical research in a laboratory setting. Her focus has been on both veterinary and human pathogens, as it pertains to production medicine as well as public health concerns. “The veterinary profession offers the perfect platform to fulfill my desires to work with animals, think critically to solve problems, and improve the welfare of pets, livestock, wildlife, and humans alike.” stated Ms. Scharzenberger. After graduating, Stormy plans to provide the highest standard of husbandry and help her clients make informed decisions about their animals’ veterinary care.

Carl Medina III

The 2018 Nursing scholarship was awarded to student Carl Medina III. Mr. Medina is enrolled in Southwestern College’s Associated Degree of Nursing (ADN) program located in Chula Vista, California. Carl has always found adventure through education and knew at an early age that his future belonged to the health and well being of humanity. “Expeditions are challenging because they are uncharted. Similarly, my journey to becoming a healer has had obstacles.” stated Mr. Medina. “I have learned that a dream can only be obtained after I have stumbled, brushed myself off, and started walking again.”

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