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AccredAssist® is an online accreditation feature that assists college program directors with collecting and managing documentation required by an accrediting body to become or remain accredited. This beta feature is available exclusively for Platinum Planner and EMSTesting in the Platinum Dashboard.

The AccredAssist® feature imports your existing cohort data into the appropriate CoAEMSP self-study report template, making completion of your report simple.

AccredAssist® can also pull your existing cohort data from your Platinum account to auto-populate your:

  • Clinical affiliate data
  • Capstone field internship affiliate data
  • Preceptor list including dates trained
  • Summary tracking report
  • Student Competency Matrix (formerly Appendix G) report

AccredAssist® also offers file uploads with a drag and drop feature for adding any additional files that may be required. AccredAssist® can also either build the self-study report for you or allow you to import your last SSR and save the file(s) for future use. That means there is finally a place for all your accreditation information to be stored in one convenient place!

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*AccredAssist® is available for a small fee per institution with full subscription to EMSTesting or Platinum Planner. See Feature Pricing button above.