New Features: August 7th, 2022

July 24th, 2022 Features

Removed banned items from CAT

From time to time there may be certain questions from our bank that you may not want to use. We have had the option to Ban questions from our bank so that your school will not see them anymore. But now those banned questions will not appear in our CAT or Computer Adaptive Testing solution.

provide incorrect answer filter on level 4 test report

When adding Level 4 reporting to your test it will now come with the ability to see a new page amongst the report that will allow instructors and students to see the questions they got right and wrong. And also the ability to filter those and only see the ones you would like to say.

Hide State-specific skills from programs outside of those states  

For some, you may have skills that are from your state or region that your school is required to track. We have now made this easier with a Region filter that will allow you to select those skills. However, if you are not in a state that has those skills your filter will just be set to default and you will not see the skills that do not apply to your region.

High-Stakes Question Bank  

With this feature, we have created a question bank with all of our High-Stakes content. These questions are limited to being added to module exams, and level 4 reporting will not be available for exams, including the high-stakes content.

Check out the video below to see it in action!