New Features: December 11th, 2022

December 11th, 2022 Features

Allow shared-sites to easily choose which calendars to add a school to when they approve the school  

A shared site user can now automatically add a school that has requested to join that site to specific schedules. When a shared site user clicks approve on that school a new window will open. This window will show a listing of locations available at that site. Click on the site that you would like to add the school to, and simply click the checkboxes that correspond with the schedules you would like to have that school have access to.

“Category” Column for “Manage Student Documentation”  

When looking at a table of clinical opportunities, say in “manage student documentation” you can click on the little wheel icon by the search bar, click add/remove columns, and then drag and drop the category column into the table. This will show the category of each opportunity in the table.

Add success rate option to Progress Report  

With this feature, you can view a percentage success rate for each skill student’s document. When viewing the progress report, you can see a new option at the very bottom to turn on the success rate. Once turned on a new column will appear in the report.

Course Approval Report  

This new report, simply put will show an overview of the school’s courses and their status of approval from a Medical Director. This report is only available to school admins, not instructors or students.

Check out the video below to see it in action!