NEW FEATURES: September 2019 Speed up clinical skill selection, Change Lab Due Dates & Ability to Disable our Skill Forms

Speed up clinical skill selection

As many students and instructors know, skill selection takes time when documenting opportunities.

Hopefully we made this easier for the student by adding a couple of new features within the Patients Tab/Add Patient.

Once this window is open and a student adds a skill, they will notice next to the “x” there is a Clone button.
This can be useful for the simulated skills that need a bunch of attempts all at once.

Also to the left of the Skill Name is the little icons identifying if the skill is Successful/Attempted/Observed.
Click the icon.
As you will notice you can now swap the skills status.

Hope this helps!

Check out the video below to see it in action!

Change Lab Due Dates

We recently released an update that allowed instructors the ability to change Opportunity Due Dates and now to improve the lab experience. We added it there as well.
Just login to your instructor role (if you have one) and go to Labs and Manage Student Documentation.

Once in here you can find the (change) option in the Upcoming, Past Due, and Ready for Review tabs. Click View on a lab and up in the lab information section you can change when the lab needs to be submitted.

Ability to Disable our Skill Forms

We have heard from multiple customers they would like to turn off our skill forms because their students document the forms on paper. Well we now allow you to turn off skill forms and even better you can turn them off in each of your classes.

Note** You will have to have access to Editing Courses and Classes to do this.

But all you would do is edit the class and there is a new option that allows you to disable skill forms. When on, our forms don’t show up to fill out for the students.

Check out the video below to see it in action!