Platinum Offering EMS and Allied Health Programs Free Testing and Scheduling Workshops

Platinum Educational Group is offering free Testing and Portfolio workshops! Recently, we provided a full workshop at John Tyler Community College (Virginia) with the help of Daniel Linkins and his staff. The lesson covered evaluating students to include pre-assessment testing in reading, math, test anxiety, learning style and motivation. We also discussed how to teach students to improve reading levels and how to use seating charts based on learning styles. We also analyzed progressive testing and changing the way we teach to match that model (Flipped Classroom). Discussion and exercises were held on blueprinting, using Bloom levels, providing remediation, and writing good solid questions. Finally we spent a little time on test taking strategies and teaching students how to overcome test anxiety. This portion of the workshop qualifies for 3 credits in Instructional Techniques and 5 credits in Measurement and Evaluation.

We are also offering a one or half day workshop on implementing the portfolio process within your program, and how to track these and other skills to meet the Registry and CoAEMSP recommendations. We also spend time on developing and running scenarios. This program should be approved for 1-2 credits in Instructional Techniques, 2 credits in Measurement and Evaluation, and 1-2 Credits in Educational Administration. Additional credits can be aquired if more time is devoted to Scenario implementation and development.

Lesson plans are developed for both of these programs and with your assistance and we are more than willing to help obtain CE credits for these programs. We are offering these programs at no charge! We still have a couple of time slots open this year yet and next year has a number more. Do your instructors a favor and schedule a complimentary testing, scheduling, or portfolio 101 workshop today! Contact Marketing if your school would like to sponsor one or both of these events! 616-818-7877 or