Platinum Planner Mobile App for Students and Preceptors

Students can view, submit and complete their documentation right from the mobile app! They can also view and send messages to their instructor or classmates and view their progress reports

The app syncs all labs and opportunities to the student’s calendar on their phone, so they will always know where they need to be

Preceptors can also use the app to sign off on student documentation, complete online training with a school, view opportunities attended and send messages

Students can also check-in and out for attendance and see action items (such as when tests are available*, opportunities are ready to document, etc.) in all our programs, including EMSTesting, and PlatinumTests!*

The Platinum Planner mobile app is available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store for students to download for free with their subscription to


*With full subscription to Platinum Planner

Here are a few features for students to utilize with the Platinum Planner app:

Clinical Opportunities

  • View, sign up for and create clinical opportunities.
  • Document a clinical opportunity including entering time, notes, other information, preceptor information, and patient information.
  • Complete any associated forms.
  • Upload images from your camera and attach them to their opportunities.
  • Ability for a preceptor to give a digital signature right from the app!


  • Create a new lab.
  • View upcoming labs, document current labs, or review documentation from completed labs.
  • When documenting labs, students will be able to document their skills and complete any forms associated with the lab.
  • Upload images from your mobile devices camera.

Other Features

  • Work offline! When you don’t have an internet connection available.
  • View current classes along with their details.
  • Sign up for any additional classes available for your course.
  • View your progress report and see your overall skill status of your course.

If you are an EMS, Nursing, or Allied Health training program and not currently a customer of, then what are you waiting for? Start saving time and money today! Contact Sales for a Demo!

Reminder: Platinum Planner is free for schools and training programs to use and has a low student based fee.