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Platinum Planner

Platinum Planner is a cloud-based, online scheduling and skill tracking solution for EMS, Nursing & Allied Health professions. It is designed to bring students, teachers, preceptors, schools and clinical sites together for hands on training.

Platinum Planner Mobile App

Our mobile app is available from the Apple App Store and the Google Play store for students to download for free with their subscription. The app allows students to access the full website on their phone or device.

Students can view, submit and complete their documentation right from the mobile app! They can also view and send messages to their teacher or classmates and view their progress reports!

The app syncs all labs and opportunities to the student’s calendar on their phone, so they will always know where they need to be!

Preceptors can also use the app to sign off on student documentation, complete online training with a school, view opportunities attended and send messages!

Students can also check-in and out for attendance and see action items (such as when tests are available*, opportunities are ready to document, etc.) in all our programs, including EMSTesting, and PlatinumTests!*

To read more about our app go to the Platinum News article. View our instructional video or read our manual for how to use the PlatinumPlanner mobile app!

*With full subscription to EMSTesting or PlatinumTests

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