Q: In EMSTesting, is it possible to throw out a test question after a test has been administered?

A: Yes! To throw out a question from a test after it has been administered, begin by making sure your role is set to “Instructor”, then click on your class, and then select “View Gradebook”.

From your gradebook, click on the name of a test you would like to modify the results for, and then scroll down to “Class Detailed Results”. Here you will see all questions that were on the test, as well as statistics on how students performed on that test item.

On the far-left of the question number will be a blank checkbox. Check the box for any question that you would like to no longer factor into the test results, then scroll to the bottom of the page and click “Exclude Questions”.

Once a question is excluded the program will recalculate the student’s grades, the class averages, as well as the KR20 number for the test.

If you want to see the questions that have been excluded from the test you can click “show excluded questions” to the right of “Class Detailed Results”. This will show the questions and associated data again, but will not include them back into the test or reporting.

If you want to include any excluded questions back into the test, just check the box next to the excluded question, and then click “Exclude Questions” again.