Q: In EMSTesting, how do I share a test I’ve created with another instructor in my program?

A: To Share a test you’ve created with another instructor in your program, click on “Manage Tests” from your Instructor Home page within EMSTesting.com, and then click “edit test” to the right of the test you’d like to share. When the “Edit Test Settings” page appears, check the box marked “Share this test with other instructors in my school” and then click “Save” on the lower right of the page. This test is now shareable with any other instructor at your institution.

However, just because a test is now shared with other instructors at the school, does not mean that the test is automatically imported into every instructor account at the school. Otherwise you’d potentially end up with 10 versions of “Quiz 1”, and it would be time consuming figuring out who made which quiz.

To access a shared test from another instructor, you will begin by clicking “Manage Tests” from your Instructor Home page, and then select “Create New Test”. Next you will select the “Provider Level” of the test you’d like to have access to, and then choose the “Test Type” that matches up to the original shared test. Immediately to the right of the “Test Type” drop-down should appear the “Import Test From” drop-down. Here you will see a list of all shared tests in your school that match up to the provider level and test type you’ve selected.

Click the test you’d like a copy of and then confirm that you want to import the test. You now have an identical copy of the original shared test in your instructor account. You can modify the name and title if you wish, as well as put in any additional instructions for the students.

When you’re finished, click the “Save” button and you now have a copy of the original test that you can administer in your classes. If this was not the test you meant to import, rather than clicking “Save” you can select “Delete” and delete your copy of the imported test.