Q: I’ve set up a series of opportunities for my Paramedic students to sign up for, but they can’t see them as available on their end. They are also enrolled in a scenario class. Why can’t my students sign up for clinical opportunities?

A: If you are an instructor who has made clinical opportunities for the students to sign up for, but the students are unable to see them, this could be because of how scenario classes work.

If the students in this course are also in a scenario class, this makes what opportunities are available to students work a little differently.

The basic idea of the scenario class is that the students must first perform a scenario, and after you (the instructor) finalize their scenario documentation, the site will bring you to a “Categories” page. This lists different clinical hours categories with a checkbox next to them that correspond to the “Apply Hours To” categories you choose when you set up clinical opportunities. Based on the scenarios they have completed successfully; you will choose which clinical opportunities the student should have access to that correspond with those categories.

If the student does not have a checkbox next to a certain category, they will not be able to sign up for any opportunities with that same category associated with it.

If you want to allow a student into a clinical opportunity associated with an hour’s category that they haven’t done a scenario for yet, follow the steps below:

  • Login to your “Instructor Role”
  • In the black toolbar go to “Classes/Students” and select “Manage My Students”
  • To the right of all the students enrolled in a scenario class is a button called “Categories”. Select that button to modify the categories of clinical opportunities you want your students to have access to.
  • Now check every box that you feel the student can perform in on the clinical side and click “Save” at the bottom
  • Once you click “Save”, that student will be able to sign up for any clinical opportunities associated with those hours’ categories.

If a student is still having difficulty signing up for a clinical opportunity, you can always give the Platinum Educational Group Customer Support Team a call at (616) 818-7877 or click the red “Help” button in the footer to submit a support request.