Q: One of my students was accidentally accepted into the wrong course. How do I transfer them to another course?

A: In Platinum Planner, PlatinumTests, and EMSTesting, it is not possible for School Administrators or Instructors to transfer a student from one course to another. If a student is accepted into the wrong course and their enrollment fee is paid, and they then sign up for and are accepted into the correct course, the program would expect them to pay another enrollment fee for the new course (as the program cannot know that the student isn’t just signing up for two courses that they need).

If a student has been accepted into the wrong course, the best thing you can do is to contact the Platinum Educational Group Customer Support Team and request that the student be placed in the correct course. You will want to make sure that the individual requesting the student be placed in another course is in a position of authority at the institution, as students accepted into a course will not be moved to another course upon request from the student (since someone in authority at the school clearly believes the student belonged in the original course).

To avoid this issue coming up, before accepting a student into any course, it’s a good policy to make sure the student actually belongs in the course they have signed up for. When viewing student course enrollment requests on your dashboard, you should see the student’s name, email address, the program they are attempting to enroll in, the name of the course they are attempting to enroll in, the date of the request, and the status of the request, as well as options to either approve the student enrollment request into the course or decline their enrollment request. This should make it very clear if the student is signing up for the correct course or not.

Declining a student enrollment request does not delete their account, but does send them an email letting them know that their course enrollment request has been rejected, and the student can then sign up for the correct course.