Q: In Platinum Planner, how do I change my password?

A: Before the Single Sign-On update, once you logged into Platinum Planner all you would need to do is go to My Account near the top-right of the page and you could enter a new password there.

Now that accounts are linked in both EMSTesting and Platinum Planner, you need to go to my.platinumed.com to change your password.

If you’re able to log in initially, before choosing your role in one of the programs, you can select the “My Account” button near the top-right of your dashboard and change your password to something new by clicking on “Change My Password”. Rather than changing your password for just Platinum Planner, this will change your password for all programs (including EMSTesting and PlatinumTests), so you can keep logging in with just one email address and password.

If you’re already logged in to Platinum Planner and have selected your role, you can still change your password by first selecting “My Dashboard” near the top right of the page, and then selecting “My Account” after that.

If you need to change your password from outside of the program, you’ll click the “Login” button near the top of the Platinum Planner home page, and then select the “Help! I forgot my password” button below where it asks you for a password. This will send a password reset link to the email address you provided, which should help you get back into the program. Once you’re logged in, you can use the instructions above to change your password if necessary.

But if all else fails, you can always reach out to the Platinum Customer Support Team at 616-818-7877 or platinumed.zendesk.com and we’d be more than happy to reset your password for you.