Q: In Platinum Planner, is there a place I can check to see if I have skills turned on at the class level that I’m requiring for the course?

A: Yes! Our programmers recently added the ability to run an audit on the skills within a course to see if there are any skills that are required for a course, but that haven’t been enabled for any classes within that course yet.

To access this as a School Administrator or a Course Instructor for a Platinum Planner course, select “Manage Courses” from your my.platinumed.com dashboard, and then click “edit” next to the name of the course you would like to check.

Once you are inside the “Edit Course” page for the course within the dashboard, click the “Platinum Planner” tab, and then select the “Skill Requirements” tab. On the far-right of the page, you should see a button titled “Audit Skills”.

Selecting “Audit Skills” will cause the system to check the skill requirements of the course against the skill requirements of each class, and let you know if there are any skills that are a requirement for successful completion of the course that are not available for students to document in the classes.

It will also show you if the total number of successful completion of a skill in the class or classes do not add up to the minimum requirements for the course, as well as the average number of times successful completion of the skill is required for other courses in Platinum Planner at the same provider level as this course.

Clicking on the name of a listed class will also bring you immediately to the “Edit Class” page for that class, and allow you to edit the skill requirements to help make sure the requirements are set to what you want them to be.