Q: Why am I having problems using my access code to pay for my course in Platinum Planner or my class in EMSTesting?

A: Depending on what you are running into, there can actually be multiple reasons why a code isn’t being accepted.

1. The Access Code has already been used – Access codes are one-time use. This means if you’ve already used it to pay for a course or class, it cannot be used again for another course or class. There is no time limit on an access code (it covers the enrollment fee for a 2-year long Paramedic class the same way it covers a 4-month long accelerated Paramedic class). If it was used to join a class in the Fall, and then the student drops the class, it cannot then be used to join a new class in the Spring.

2. The Access Code is for the wrong program – Platinum Planner and EMSTesting access codes are not interchangeable. A Platinum Planner Paramedic Advanced Life Support code cannot be used to pay the enrollment fee for an EMSTesting Paramedic class, and vice versa. Separate access codes are required for each program, so make sure to check the front of the card(if you got it in card form) to make sure you are entering it for the correct program.

3. The Access Code is for the wrong provider level – A Platinum Planner Advanced Life Support access code cannot be used to cover the enrollment fee of a Platinum Planner Basic Life Support course. Similarly, an EMSTesting EMT access code cannot be used to cover the enrollment fee for an EMSTesting Paramedic class.

If you have purchased an access code for the wrong provider level, we suggest contacting whoever you purchased the access code from to try and exchange it for the correct one.

4. The Access Code has more than or less than 16 digits (or contains letters as well as numbers) – Access codes for students in Platinum Planner or EMSTesting are 16-digit numbers without any letters. If the code you are given contains letters or is longer or shorter than 16 digits, then that is not an access code for either of the programs.

Since we cannot track the sale of access codes by outside vendors or online marketplaces, there is no way for the Platinum Education Team to verify what code you purchased. Our advice would again be to reach out to whoever you purchased the code from to see if a correction can be made.

5. “I used my access code to pay for the class yesterday, and now it’s asking me to pay again.” – This traditionally occurs when a student has created multiple accounts. Since email addresses are far more unique than first and last names, if a student forgets their password and creates a second account to enroll in their class again, the program does not know that the student is the same person (since they will have to use a different email address to create a new account), and will ask them to pay for the class like any other new student.

If this happens, it’s usually best to contact the customer support team (616-818-7877) rather than pay again for a course/class you’ve already used your access code for.

6. “I Purchased A textbook bundled with an access code from my bookstore, and it is the wrong access code.” – Access codes for our programs are sometimes bundled with textbooks from other publishers. The Platinum Education Team does not do this bundling, rather it is sold as a bundle to the school by the textbook publisher, or the access code is bundled with a textbook by your bookstore.

If you find you have the access code was mis-bundled, you will have to contact whoever you purchased the bundle from to hopefully get either a refund or exchange the incorrect access code for the correct one.

7. “I bought an access code off the internet, but when I go to create an account my school is not listed. Can I still use the access code?” – No. Platinum Planner and EMSTesting both require a school to be involved in order for a student to enroll and use their access code. It could be that the school hasn’t created their account yet though, you should ask your instructor whether or not they will be using Platinum Planner/EMSTesting.

If you’ve purchased an access code in error, your best course of action would be to attempt to return to whoever you purchased it from.

Those are some of the reasons why a student may have difficulties using an access card in Platinum Planner or EMSTesting, but students can always give us a call (616-818-7877) or use the “Help” button to Contact Us with questions. The Platinum Educational Group Customer Support Team would be more than happy to look at the specific situation and see what can be done.

If you have any additional questions/comments do not hesitate to Contact Customer Support at 616-818-7877 or email us at https://platinumed.zendesk.com.